Poop Office Collected Edition (Print Paperback)


Tales from an Office
Staffed by Poop

You think your job stinks?

  • Beautiful black and white artwork
  • Paperback with glossy cover
  • Hundreds of pages!


You think your job stinks?

Poopert has the crappiest job ever! He works at Poop Office, an office staffed entirely by poop! And if you think Poopert and his crappy co-workers have it easy, you don’t know crap. These toiling turds spend their days generating T.P. reports on their compooters, clearing out paper jams from the photocrapier, and making buttato salad for the next poopluck lunch. If that’s not enough, the office politics are a real mess in a dump like this.

Collected for the first time in one colossal comic pile are the first six issues of the hilarious Poop Office comic book series along with over 70 pages of never-before-seen bonus content. There’s even an exclusive peek under the lid at how Poop Office is made!

With a satisfying slurry of poop humor and the struggles of working life, Poop Office is sure to appeal to readers of all ages, from little squirts to old farts!

Note: This book is printed and sold through Amazon, so the link above will actually take you to the Amazon product page where you can order it like you do all your other Amazon purchases. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can even get free shipping! However, if you’d prefer to order it directly from me, including an autograph and probably a little poop sketch, purchase using this product page instead.


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